The Third International Symposium on Frontiers in THz Technology

The Third International Symposium on Frontiers in THz Technology

Phoenix Plaza, Fukui, JAPAN
FTT 2022

Since the 1990s, science and technology of terahertz waves have made great progress, mostly focused on spectroscopy and sensing applications. In addition, the 5th generation (5G) service of wireless communications has been in operation from 2020, and along with this, the terahertz frequency region is attracting much attention as an important frequency band of future wireless information communication (Beyond 5G / 6G). The movement to develop new THz technologies, involving government and academia, is accelerating rapidly. With this background, in order to reaffirm the importance of terahertz technology and accelerate new technological and social developments, the Third International Symposium on Frontiers in THz Technology (FTT 2022) will be held in November 2022 in Fukui, Japan.

The First International Symposium on Frontiers in THz Technology (FTT 2012, Nara, Japan) was held in 2012, and The Second International Symposium on Frontiers in THz Technology (FTT 2015, Hamamatsu, Japan) was held in 2015. The International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz 2018) was held in 2018 in Nagoya, Japan. Initially, the organizing committee of FTT planned to have the Symposium in 2021. However, the pandemic by the new coronavirus has spread all over the world from 2020, and it prevented us to have the symposium as scheduled. Even though, we cannot foresee the situation of the pandemic in near future, we believe it is timely to have the symposium in 2022.

The topics covered in this international symposium are basic technologies, such as THz sources, detectors, components, materials, spectroscopy, and imaging, as well as biology / medicine, security, remote sensing. We comprehensively cover a wide range of research and development of terahertz science and technology, and practical technology, including the information and communication field. We will explore important fields and technologies associated with THz waves that could be the key to future social and industrial development, and also promote international exchanges regarding terahertz science and technology. The purpose is to provide an opportunity to create terahertz applied technologies that truly contribute to development of our society. In addition, we aim to provide young scientists with opportunities to make presentations at international conferences and interact with prominent overseas researchers.

We strongly wish many people participate to FTT 2022, and fruitful discussion on THz science and technologies will be made.

Topics of Symposium
– Industrial Applications of THz Technology
– THz Communications including Beyond 5G and 6G
– THz Devices, Components, and Systems
– THz Sources, Detectors and Components
– Material Science in THz Region
– THz Metamaterials
– THz Spectroscopy and Imaging
– Biology and Medical Applications in THz Region
– Vacuum Electronics
– Security and Remote Sensing with THz Technology
– Astronomical Observations with THz Technology
– Millimeter-wave or Infrared Technologies related to THz technology

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