Advanced Metallization Conference 2023 32nd Asian Session(ADMETA Plus 2023)

Advanced Metallization Conference 2023 32nd Asian Session(ADMETA Plus 2023)

公益社団法人 応用物理学会 シリコンテクノロジー分科会

I appreciate your visit to the ADMETA website. I would like to invite you to join “ADMETAPlus2023,” which will be held with hybrid style (virtual and live) from Wednesday, Oct 11 to Friday, Oct 13 at the Takeda Hall of the University of Tokyo in Japan.
The ADMETA Plusis heading for the 32nd annual meeting and has a long history of important contributions to state-of-the-art interconnect progress for advanced logic and memory devices. In recent years, the importance of interconnect technology for realizing low resistance, large integration, low cost, high reliability, and 3D-ICs is increasing more and more in various device applications.

This conference focuses on interconnects technology related to materials, processes, device, circuit design, assembly, equipment, and characterization. We will conduct comprehensive discussions widely from basics to applications with researchers and engineers from industry, government, and academia. We are looking forward to new developments in interconnect technology fields and contributing to the growth of semiconductor industry.

The ADMETA Plus 2023 Theme is “Interconnection from material to VLSI system for a Sustainable Development.” Based on the conference theme, I plan to have appealing contents, including tutorial (Japanese only), plenary talks, invited talks and poster session. I would like you and your colleagues to submit the contributed papers in wide range of aspects in interconnects area. I am looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo.

ADMETAPlus 2023 General Chair: Munehiro Tada (NanoBridge Semiconductor, Inc.)

配線構造,配線性能,評価・解析技術 など

Reliability Science and Failure Analysis:
EM,SIV,TDDB,欠陥検査,モデリング など

成膜技術,配線材料,バリアメタル など

Low-k Dielectric:
成膜方法,膜特性,新材料,構造(Air gap 他),評価技術 など

平坦化,スラリー,パッド,ドレス,洗浄,防食 など

シリサイド,浅接合,電子物性,固相反応,結晶物性 など

配線構造・材料,パッケージング,製造プロセス,デバイス など

Emerging Technology:
フレキシブルエレクトロニクス,エネルギーハーベスティング など

Backend Devices:
多層配線混載デバイス (MRAM,PCRAM,ReRAM 他),電極技術,
新材料 など

Nanocarbon Interconnects:
信頼性 など

3D and Packaging:
冷却,信頼性 など

お問合せ先:ADMETA Plus 2023事務局